Monday, January 15, 2007

Plusultra celebrates birthday 34!

Captain Morgan you are my captain, my captain. It has been very pleasant to drink the yo ho ho and a bottle of rumsey cokesey. Here I am in Jamica by the upward growing palm trees (free of knots), imagining what beautiful furniture they would make. Did I mention it is my birthday today? Yes, it was 34 years ago today in the small town of St. Boniface, Manitoba I reluctantly entered this wild and crazy world. I remember the placenta was not satisfying my exceptional appetite and being born hungry. By age 5 I was a beautiful blonde haired buck teethed genius with dreams of becoming a chef. At age 8 I wanted to be Napoleon. Since than my teeth have been trained not to stick out and my ambition has grown ever higher ever farther ever better. Here I am today at the top of my game, at the apex of Mt. Zion, singing how sweet it is how sweet it is.
Kingston, Jamaica
David Levasseur