Friday, March 31, 2006

Black and White Reggae

Plusultra presents: FRIED DAY NIGHT REGGAE.

It is time for your roots lesson 101.
Light a spliff listen to
1.Bob Marley and the Wailers
Smoke a bowl listen to
Catch a fire with
3. Toots and the Maytals
swallow a hash ball and put on
4. The Gladiators
Take a hoot from the bong and play
5.Buju Banton
Roll your best Bud and feel
6.Dennis Brown
Eat some marijuana brownies turn on some
7. Black Uhuru

Hot knife some honey oil & dance to

Fill your hookah pipe with ganga and fill your mind with
9. Culture
Burn a fat joint and crank the
10. Aswad
Inhale a reefer and feel irie with
11. The Skatalites
Get really high on
12. Jimmy Cliff
burn out to
13. Burning Spear
Congratulations! You have passed reaggae 101 with Plusultra.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Plusultra's pen and ink

I was looking through some old sketchbooks of mine and decided to scan and post some of the drawings I made a few years back. Click on image for larger picture.
Please let me know what you think about my pen & Ink

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Paris Bennett, Taylor Hicks, Elliot Yamin, Mandisa Hundley...

Tonite on American Idol I felt like, hey man I know those are not the 10 most talented singers America has to offer. The only 4 performers I enjoyed tonite are as usual, Paris Bennett, Taylor Hicks, Elliot Yamin, and Mandisa Hundley.(In that order)
I am glad Paris chose Beyonce tonite. I think she is a little young to try and be bootylicious sexy like her, but she showed us she can sing and dance, and at 17 years old, she can only get better.
I think I know what Taylor meant when he said he just wanted to sing a song tonite. It was not one that I ever heard before, but if Taylor made an album like that, I'd join the soul patrol and buy it right away. The Taylor Hicks style lately has me scared though...but I don't really care what he looks like. He has a great voice and feel.
Elliot has not sung one note off key yet. I think he was looking way more comfortable tonite. His dance moves showed us he has a sense of humor. I mean that in a good way and feel the fun he was having on stage translated well. Of all the contestants, I think Elliot could sing anything. I am just not sure yet what he is all about and hope he continues to show us more of himself before it's too late!(only 9 people left after tomorrow)
Mandisa is also very consistent, bringing her powerful vocals every time. She never hits a flat or a sharp note. Her performance tonite was the most exciting of the evening. She had me up out of my chair, dancing and feeling that momma love vibe. The modern Gospel thing looks good on you Mandisa.
Everybody is entitled to my opnion.
Bottom 3 after watching tonite's episode, Ace Young, Bucky Covington, and going home...Lisa Tucker.
Who do you think is leaving tomorrow?

Monday, March 27, 2006

What is up with China?

If you would like to see the site I stole this picture from, go visit my new renter's blog Chris in China. Leave a post below that you did and I will add you to my links and visit your renter's blog personally!

Do you want to make your own cartoon?

I made this cartoon and you can make your own. Check it out by clicking here.

Sunday, March 26, 2006


Do you know your table manners? Check out this 1946 Emily post.

Blog etiquette & the confessions of an internet chat cheat

With the relatively new phenomena known as blogging a few questions come to mind. One of them is "How do I know if I am using proper blog etiquette?" I must admit I have not always done so myself. Recently I decided to delete my blog in a moment of pure frustration. The process is so final. I absolutely feel I broke some kind of blog etiquette by deleting my blog. I apologize to anybody who had taken the time to follow my blog writings, nonsense, contests and good humored fun. I feel it was selfish of me to delete my blog because I also erased all the comments my visitors had left. Some very good comments and links back to their pages have been lost forever. I hope we may all learn from each others mistakes and successes. So please learn from my mistake that if you are thinking of deleting your blog for whatever reason, think about it for awhile. If you feel you still want to delete it, let your readers know ahead of time why and what your reasons for deleting it are. My reason for deleting my blog was rather foolish. I had been chatting in internet chat rooms with a few women and I was forgetting that I have a girlfriend in real life. Somehow I thought it was O.K. to flirt with these internet hotties. At first I did not feel that it was real people at the other end, just fooling around on the computer. When my girlfriend read some of the stuff I had been writing to these females, she certainly felt real pain. I was feeling guilty for hurting her and if I hurt any of the internet friends I made, I apologize.
So here is some advice. Remember to always be honest. Be truthful to yourself, and to others in real life and on the internet in your posts and in chat rooms and when leaving comments on others sites. In an attempt to understand what proper blog etiquette should be I started by asking myself, "What are the reasons I enjoy blogging?"
1. It gives me a place to voice my ideas (whatever they may be at the time.)
2. I can receive constructive criticism and positive feedback from a wide variety of people.
3. I have made new friends and contacts around the world.
4. I have learned about many topics from other bloggers
5. It would be nice to be rewarded with all the work put into blogging with some kind of income earned(advertising, referals,...etc...)
Many people may disagree with #5 and I can understand that. I would like to say that I can really appreciate all you bloggers who do not use advertising and are not trying to sell anything. However I can not help noticing many bloggers, like myself have adsense and other similar paid per click advertisements on their sites. Rent a blog etc.. etc... In order to continue to enjoy blogging I think the best thing I can do is try and follow these simple rules of blog etiquette that would make it more enjoyable for all of us.
1. Write about whatever you want, but try and have a purpose. Think twice before posting potentially controversial material(eg. Are you posting cartoons about the prophet Mohammed because you are genuinely interested in freedom of speech issues, or are you just looking for publicity and outrage). It is true that you can not please all of the people all of the time, but try to avoid offending others with negative and hateful type comments or posts.
2. If you want people to leave comments on your blog for feedback, remember to take the time and do the same. When you are surfing for credits or whatever take the time to read and appreciate the work somebody put into that blog. Go leave a comment on a post that amused you or taught you something. Maybe you share a similar experience or are fans of the same music. The more comments you post, the more comments you are likely to receive.
3.Remember that whatever your interests are the great thing about blogging is the community. The strength we have are in the numbers. It is easy to make friends and contacts from around the world by joining some of the chat rooms and developing relationships with your readers and fellow bloggers.
4.Take a look at what other bloggers are doing and learn from them. Don't steal ideas, but make them your own with a new twist. If you notice a blog tool somebody is using that looks interesting, check it out.If possible sign up for the service, who knows, you may be improving your site and helping another blogger get a referral reward.
5. If nothing else you can always click on somebodies renter's blog, or advertisements, as a sort of tip to show your appreciation for the blog site you are visiting. I try to follow these 5 simple samples of good blog etiquette and hope you will also. Please feel free to add your blog etiquette thoughts and comments below. I would truly appreciate it and hopefully we can help discover the proper blog etiquette for all of us bloggers out there.
Ever Higher Ever Farther Evere Better

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Emergency Meat

This is what I like to call your brain on drugs. It has nothing to do with eggs or saucepans. One derful day I myself took a drug. It was a smart little pill that made little green men appear in my bedroom. It was St.Patrick's day. Why should you care? It could happen to you. Are you interested in trying some awesome drugs that are so new, that are not illegal, because the authorities do not even know what they are yet. How would you like to be a guinea pig? I am looking for 72 volunteers to try the new High speed hallucinegenic, pain relieving, anti psychotic, anti inflammatory, opiate family narcotic drug that I have invented in the privacy of my own home. *Warning* side-effects may include, hairiness, baldness, depression, scurvey, blindness, madness, blogging, nonsense, diptheria and Lassa fever.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Fred Flinstone Friday Fever 5

In the,
town of Bedrock
Will have a yabadaba doo...
I am so happy it is Friday everybody!
Five Reasons why I am so happy?
1. My beautiful wife cooked me a brontosauras burger for dinner.
2. My best friend Barney Rubble just won an oscar for best actor.
3. I smoked Popeye's spinach and think I am a cartoon.
4. I don't have to work tomorrow
5. You left a comment telling me why you are Happy today!

Thursday, March 23, 2006


"Magic... and I don't mean silly card tricks... is not to be taken lightly." Have you ever heard such nonsense? Remember the first time you experienced a miracle. Picture yourself on a chair in front of your computer reading this right now. Are you relaxed? Click here for yes and here for no.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

What came first the Covais or the egg?

WARNING! I am by no means an expert in Quantum Physics or A.I. That being said, may I present to you,
Plusultra's theory of Covais Mechanics:
They say that every action has an opposite and equal reaction. This was proven true tonite when I saw the little guy go home. The feeling of tremendous joy, to see him go was equal to the horrible pain inflicted upon me by his ultra uncool Covaisness. I believe Kevin was actually cloned in the 1960's from a cartoon cell by Dr. Timothy Leary in an unclassified secret experiment funded not only by the C.I.A. but Walt Disney himself! They were trying to create the ultimate strain of bird-flu that could not only pass from chicken to human and vice-versa, but from cartoon to computer, from television set to pixelated image. The flu is going to take over the world, it's true. Just click Chicken Little if you don't believe me.

Traffic Exchange

With so many blog traffic exchanges out there, How do I know which one is the best? Plusultra signs up for 10 of the more popular blog traffic exchanges on the internet. I will be testing these sites for the next few weeks and will let you know what are the best.
1. BlogExplosion is where I first started, and has been good to me so far.
2. BlogMad is still in Beta but quickly becoming a hugely popular site for bloggers.




6.Blog Clicker

7.Traffic pods



HS Banner Exchange: Part of a powerful traffic exchange system...


Have you tried any of these sites? If so, please let me know which are your favorites and why?

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Kellie Pickler goes out walking after midnight.

Kellie Pickler gave us the best of the night on American Idol with her version of the Patsy Cline Hit, Walkin' After Midnite. The little minx looked a little bit cross-eyed tonite, but that did not stop her from getting Simon's attention as she winked at him during her performance. This was the best I've seen her, and I must say I was impressed when she walked right up to the stage and sang for the three judges. She worked the whole crowd, used the entire stage, sang the country tune very well and gave it that Pickler sex appeal. She is charming.
Next best tonite... Mandisa opened the show with a very powerful performance that was both memorable and enjoyable. She really is a passionate and talented singer.

Little Paris Bennet gave me fever with her professional stage persona and remarkable voice tonite. She seems way beyond her years(that is not always a good thing). I wonder if Paris knows what it is like to be a kid? I love her voice, I still think she is the best, but sometimes she seems a little too rehearsed?
Elliot Yamin proved once again that he can sing the most difficult of tunes, despite almost being completely deaf in one ear. I also think he is looking better and more comfortable on stage. I can appreciate him honestly saying that he wasn't really a big fan of Barry Manilow, but after watching how well Barry did with all the American Idol Contestants tonite, I think Elliot and I are now both a couple of fanillows.
My man Taylor Hicks let me down a little tonite, but he was by far not the worst of the evening. Chris did his own thing with Johnny Cash,(Johnny is one of my all- time favorites, so I can't give more than a mediocre review for Chris. Sorry dude.)
Ace tried really hard this week and impressed me with his musical ideas. He wasn't perfect, but he did alright.
Kevin "Chicken Little" sang the ideal song for his type and I think he will still be around next week, although I am not a fan of his, I do like the little guy for his nerve and innocence.
All below par this week were Katharine Mcphee, Bucky, and I think Lisa is going home. Who do you think is going next?

Monday, March 20, 2006


I am starting my blog from scratch. Now that I know a little more about blogging I think I can do a much better job than the last time. I deleted all previous entries and hope to build a brand new blog that is fun and educational. Thanks for dropping by, and keep coming back to my blog.
Ever Higher Ever Farther Ever Better