Friday, September 28, 2007

Spudware, spudware everywhere spudware

Christopher Middleton is stirred by a spoon made of potato

No one particularly likes plastic cutlery, but for years we've all put up with it. Now its days could be numbered, thanks to the introduction of knives, forks and spoons made not out of polymers but potatoes.

One potato, two potato, three potato, fork: a spud is knifed by his starchy kin

Yes, say hello to SpudWare, the planet-saving alternative to traditional disposable cutlery. Made from hardened, moulded potato starch, it's as heat-resistant as plastic and every bit as strong: the fork can prong a hard carrot without snapping and the spoon can cope with the hardest block of ice cream.

"Synthetic materials tend to break more easily," says Joe Frankel of Edinburgh-based suppliers Vegware, the firm championing root-veg utensils in Britain. "Because our product is a natural one, it's got a bit more flexibility."

We subjected our samples to a series of experiments, during which we performed the equivalent of culinary cannibalism by plunging a SpudWare fork into the heart of a King Edward's without a hint of snappage.

SpudWare's crowning eco-glory is its biodegradability. While plastic sits unaltered in the earth for centuries, SpudWare decomposes within 180 days. Guaranteed.

So whereas future generations of archaeologists will be forever digging up plastic knives and forks from late 20th century birthday parties, they will be baffled at the abrupt absence of such artefacts in the early 21st century. It could become a mystery to rank with the disappearance of the dinosaurs.

Already corporate America is questioning the amount of disposable plastic cutlery it gets through (39 billion items per year at the last count), and among the institutions that have swapped from plastics to "bioplastics" is the staff canteen at Marin County Civic Centre in California. "If you want to walk the talk, you can't have a café filled with plastic," says canteen supervisor Charles McGlashan. "We took the view that using all that plastic was a violation of our values as a county."

So well has the SpudWare gone down that Marin County has now progressed to Tupperware-like containers made from fermented corn, and plates made of bagasse (a fibrous by-product of sugar cane). Now the idea is catching on in Britain (where two billion plastic items are used each year), with catering firms such as Rail Gourmet seriously considering taking the potato-instead-of-plastic route.

The only blemish on the SpudWare front is the way the cutlery gets a bit sticky and tacky if left in water overnight. There again, all it's doing is fulfilling its promise to biodegrade, water being a prime mover in getting the process started.

And do bioplastics really decompose when buried? You bet they do. Every SpudWare item comes complete with an ASTM D6400-99 (a Certification of Compostability from the American Society for Testing and Materials). And, when it comes to rot, those people know what they're talking about.
# Potato starch cutlery can be ordered from Vegware (0131 777 2562; Knives, forks and spoons cost £3.19 per bag of 50 (reduced to £2.35 if you order 10 bags or more).

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Today is Thursday the Two Headed Turtle Day on Blog Plus Ultra

Coincidentally, it is also take your two headed turtle to work day today!

Two headed turtles are far less rare than Albino Rastafarian ratfish, but rare enough to warrant a special day here on my blog. That is why I would like all of you out there to share with us your favorite two headed turtle stories.

Tonites top ten 2 Headed Turtles are:

These are actual pictures of two headed turtles.


Wednesday, September 26, 2007


According to Mikkel Vestergaard Frandsen,
Chief Executive Officer, "Mobilising LifeStraw® offers relief from waterborne diseases of major public concern such as typhoid, cholera, dysentery and diarrhoea. As a personal and mobile water purification tool, LifeStraw® is designed to turn most of the surface water into drinking water, thus providing access to safe water wherever you are."

It sounds like a great idea, but like all great ideas their are critics. A good example is the following(Source Wikipedia),

"LifeStraw has generally been praised for its effective and instant method of bacteria removal. However, the device is ineffective at killing Giardia lamblia, an organism that is both resistant to iodine and smaller than 5 micrometers.[5] The device also causes higher-than-normal iodine levels in the drinkers' water, although this is countered by the iodine deficiency problem that exists in the third world. Paul Hetherington, of the charity WaterAid, has also criticised the LifeStraw for being too expensive and not solving the problem. He says that the price is expensive to those who would need it, and that it does not alleviate other problems in third world countries."

What do you think of Life Straw?

Monday, September 24, 2007 press release

Wed. Sep. 12, 2007


More Than Five Hours of Coverage on Sept. 24 Includes Extensive Interactivity, Interviews, Reviews and History of Halo Franchise

G4 Cameras in Los Angeles, Seattle, Miami, New York, Australia and Japan
to Track Halo 3’s International Release with Live News Updates

LOS ANGELES, September 12, 2007 – Vicious aliens will invade the evening of September 24 and throngs of video game fans couldn’t be happier – “Halo 3” is finally making its long-awaited debut. G4 is preparing the millions of excited virtual combatants for the most eagerly anticipated video game launch in history with “Halo 3 Countdown,” an entire night of exclusive Halo 3 news, reviews, interviews, history and humor that will give experienced fans and new enthusiasts alike a comprehensive look at the new game, along with interactive opportunities to actually become a part of the coverage.

More than five hours of live, international coverage will include live reports from locations around the world as the global Halo Nation prepares for the first midnight sales. An evening jam-packed with single-player campaigns and multi-player melees begins September 24th with a special Halo 3 episode of “Attack of the Show!” at 7 p.m. ET/PT, followed immediately by the “Halo 3 Countdown” from 8 p.m. – 12:30 a.m. ET/PT, only on G4.

G4’s “Halo 3 Countdown” will include:

• Halo 3 Review: The third installment in the Halo franchise has considerable buzz, but is it worth considerable cash? G4’s games experts will take a critical look at Halo 3’s single-player and multiplayer modes and let viewers know whether the latest adventures of Master Chief live up to the great expectations.

• Halo 3 Xbox Giveaway: Attentive viewers will be rewarded with an opportunity to win the brand-new Xbox 360™ Halo® 3 Special Edition Console, which boasts an exclusive "Spartan green and gold" finish and includes a full assortment of Xbox 360 accessories.

• International Fan Perspective: The release of Halo 3 is a global event. G4 will cross datelines for the player’s point-of-view across the United States (Seattle, Los Angeles, Miami, New York) and around the world (Australia, Japan).

• Get Inside the Countdown: The Halo 3 action continues online at, where viewers will have a chance to stream an extensive assortment of Halo videos or even become a part of the live coverage. From personal Halo stories to footage of eager gamers waiting impatiently in line, viewers will be able to submit videos that provide additional perspective on what the game’s launch means to the biggest Halo fans. In addition, a unique virtual audience feature will offer Web cam owners direct interaction with the on-air hosts. Other interactive elements available online and through mobile devices include polling and live chat included within the on-air coverage.

• In-depth Interviews: In addition to behind-the-scenes interviews with the extraordinary humans responsible for creating the remarkable Halo franchise, G4 hosts will speak to a variety of Halo fans for their perspective on both the new game and the earlier installments. From conversations with the game’s developers to the Halo opinions from some of today’s hottest celebs, and even a trip to meet the world’s youngest Halo champion, the “Halo 3 Countdown” interviews will help explain on what makes the new game’s release a major event.

• History of Halo: Few games reach Halo’s level of ubiquity and far fewer achieve that status so quickly. A whirlwind trip through the game’s history will help explain how and why the Halo 3 release is anticipated to be one of the biggest media product launches in history.

• Real World Halo: The Halo universe has surged beyond its pixilated borders. The game’s fictional weaponry has inspired a handful of talented craftspeople to create their own Halo armaments. A trip to their workshop lets viewers see what it would really take to equip a Halo warrior.

• Red vs. Blue vs. G4: G4 tracked down the creators of the infamous online video series “Red vs. Blue” and coaxed them from their recent retirement to create a special Halo 3 installment especially for G4.

• Halo Lexicon: Throughout the night, G4 will give viewers a primer on the Halo-specific language used in the video game and among the millions of online players. Whether an experienced player wants a refresher in fragging or a new player wants to learn the lingo, G4’s will deliver an education in the intricacies of speaking like a Halo pro.

More information regarding “Halo 3 Countdown” is available at

About Comcast Entertainment Group
Based in Los Angeles, recently formed Comcast Entertainment Group operates E! Entertainment Television, the 24-hour network with programming dedicated to the world of entertainment, and E! Online; The Style Network, the destination for women 18-49 with a passion for the best in relatable and inspiring lifestyle programming; and G4 offering the last word on gaming, technology, animation, interactivity, and "Internet culture" for the male 18-34 demo. E! is currently available to nearly 92 million cable and direct broadcast satellite subscribers in the United States. In 2006, E! launched the E! Everywhere initiative underscoring the company's dedication to making E! content available on all new media platforms any time and anywhere -- from online to broadband at The Vine @E!Online to wireless to satellite radio to VOD. The Style Network currently counts 59 million cable and satellite subscribers and G4, the #1 podcasted cable network in America, is available in more than 65 million cable and satellite homes nationwide.

Albino Rastafarian Ratfish

Today here at Blog Plus Ultra we have discovered a very unusual creature indeed!

The world's only known Albino Rastafarian Ratfish.

You would expect most Ratfish to be heavy ganga smokers, But students at Plusultra University say this particular Albino Ratfish known simply as "Whitey" is more chronic than Snoop DoGG and this years award winning toker at the Cannabis Cup held in Amsterdam.

Scientists have yet to make a link between the extremely rare pigmentation of "Whitey" (1 in 7 Million) and the Ratfishes incredible tolerance to T.H.C.(1 in 7 Billion)

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Camels and butterflies

I enjoy smoking cigarettes in the morning with a cup of coffee. Especially Camels. The next thing I like to do is smoke some peanut butter and Honey oil toast in my vaporizer. That gets me really high until I think I am Bruce Lee. I spend the next 1 and a half hours admiring my six pack stomach in the mirror as I break large and heavy objects with my hands and mind.

Sometimes I get slivers in my forehead from smashing 4X4 Oak beams with my skull.

So, I guess smoking can be considered dangerous.

It seems that my hands need something to do and smoking definitely fulfills that need. Sometimes I pull out my hair if I am having a nicotine fit.

What do you think I should do to kick the habit?

I imagine if I quit smoking the world would all of a sudden be such a much more beautiful place where stained glass flowers grew where butterflies flew and camels were let out of the zoo coo coo ca choo.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Dan Rather sues cbs for 70$ Million dollars

It's true. Dan Rather is suing cbs for a reported sum of $70,000,000. According to tha AP, "Rather filed a $70 million law suit Wednesday against CBS, Viacom and three of his former bosses. Rather was forced to step down as anchor of the "CBS Evening News" in March 2005 in the aftermath of a discredited story about President George W. Bush's time in the Texas Air National Guard.

Isn't it strange that an honest journalist such as Dan Rather who made his very successful career by reporting the truth was fired for reporting one tiny lie that the world's biggest liar has ever known(George Bush)?

I hope Dan Rather wins the law suit and I really hope the lies stop flooding the news channels, media, and everywhere else. The United States Government must stop feeding the world it's Bull shit now please. You should celebrate Dan Rather and Impeach the president and all the evil corporations that run the government and media from behind the violent curtain where they lie lie lie.

On that note, Check out this video on the very trustworthy (Huge Sarcasm alert) FOX NEWS where Dan Rather hints he does not like CBS. Dan is a man with integrity and clearly belongs to be heard more than Neil Cavuto(What Fox call a newsman) Ha!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Blog Rush

Why is this guy whacking his head?

This guy is suffering from a classic case of Blogrush (huge traffic increase to his blog).

Do you have a blog? Want more traffic?

Join BlogRush

Police arrest and taser student

University of Florida Student Andrew Meyer was Beaten, Tazered and Arrested in Gainesville yesterday for asking John Kerry , "Were you a member of the Skull and Bones with George Bush in college. Were you both a members of the same secret society?"

Watch what happens. POLICE STATE HERE WE ARE!

Last evening Meyer was charged with a third-degree felony for resisting arrest with violence, according to reports.

How is that for free speech and the new world order?

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Graphic Images

Amazing artworks by Lesia Chernish

Monday, September 10, 2007

Plusultra is most like Doctor Strange

Who are you most like?

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Google Alert - free chicken and coke

Google News Alert for: free chicken and coke

Lunch with ...Louis Heuser, MD
Louisville Courier-Journal - Louisville,KY,USA
Chicken is an excellent protein choice, and chicken is pretty cheap. But fresh vegetables require a certain amount of preparation. And it requires a certain ...
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Wanna be a big fat loser?
Times of India - India
The fact of the matter is, just drinking a diet coke, having sugar free sweeteners in your coffee and working out occasionally isn'ta training programme. ...
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Watch pigskin and shed pork
Deseret News - Salt Lake City,UT,USA
I save liquid calories by gulping Diet Coke by the gallons. Experts say water is best, so I make sure the bartender throws in some ice cubes. ...
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A Mother's Musing : All of the many reasons I love Frisco Festival
Rogers Hometown News - Rogers,AR,USA
I like seeing people I know and catching up on their lives between handfuls of kettle korn and sips of Diet Coke. I like the fact that the rides are free ...
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Free For All: September 6, 2007
University Daily Kansan - Lawrence,KS,USA
And that's right, pop, not soda or Coke. These girls wearing shorts and back-less tops are driving me crazy. Legs are my weakness. ...
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Only Two Games Left This Season
OurSports Central (press release) - Marshfield,WI,USA
All fans in attendance will receive a free 2007 Suns team photo, courtesy of Coke Zero. Also Sunday, the first 500 fans to pledge to wear their safety belt ...
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A Mother's Musing : Summer good time to break from diet
Rogers Hometown News - Rogers,AR,USA
I remember the days when I had preschoolers who knew they would only get a Coke on the rare occasions we ate at McDonald's. Those were the days when I made ...
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Glasgow Daily Record - Glasgow,Scotland,UK
Feel free to tell the waiter: "Sorry mate, I asked for a drink of Coke not a mixer." 18 Small tables in Indian restaurants. The same Indian eateries that ...
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Top 20 things that are more dangerous to children than lead paint
American Chronicle - Beverly Hills,CA,USA
Conventionally-raised beef, pork and chicken products are, in my opinion, extremely toxic to the human body and contribute to colon cancer, breast cancer, ...
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Nothing's sacred
The Phoenix - Boston,MA,USA
"Based on their clothing," says Kunz, "none of those women are physically free." Kunz says she got about 40 letters in response to that painting. ...
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Plusultra finds Grime in the Gararage

Fix up, Look sharp-by dizzee rascal

Friday, September 7, 2007

Google Alert - osama bin laden

Google News Alert for: osama bin laden

Neither bin Laden nor Canadian
National Post - Canada
A fake motorcade flying the Canadian flag and chauffeuring a television prankster dressed as Osama bin Laden managed to penetrate security checkpoints at ...
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Site to show first bin Laden video
TVNZ - New Zealand
An Islamist Web site said it would soon show a new video of al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden - the first for nearly three years - to mark the sixth ...
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Osama video supposedly coming...Panel: Iraqis view US as permanent ...
AP CAIRO, Egypt (AP) Al-Qaida's media arm says stay tuned for a new video of Osama bin Laden. The al-Qaida leader has not appeared in new video footage ...
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WLOS - Asheville,NC,USA
FIRST RUN: 6:15 pm edt Osama Bin Laden headshot over crosshair and US flag texture, partial graphic. AP IMAGES: Picture combo showing Osama bin Laden ...
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Testy exchange, protests at APEC...New bin Laden video tape may ...
Reiten Television KXMB Bismarck - Bismarck,ND,USA
CAIRO, Egypt (AP) If the photo is accurate, Osama bin Laden is looking younger these days with his beard dyed black. The photo is purportedly from a new ...
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Osama bin Laden joker breaches £65million security around Bush at ...
Daily Mail - UK
... War On Everything - three cars flying the Canadian flag, with one carrying a man dressed as Osama bin Laden, were waved through two police checkpoints. ...
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Osama Bin Laden Releases Business Video
The Spoof (satire) - UK
Bin Laden's public relations staff has come up with a great gimmick. They've offered Donald Trump the opportunity to drop in for a free hairstyling makeover ...
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This as-it-happens Google Alert is brought to you by Google.

Google Alert - osama bin laden

Google News Alert for: osama bin laden

Bin Laden to taunt US again in video marking 9/11
WASHINGTON (AFP) -- Osama Bin Laden plans to emerge from the shadows to taunt the United States again in a video message marking the sixth anniversary of the ...
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'Bin Laden' beats tight security to get near Bush hotel
Scotsman - United Kingdom
MEMBERS of an Australian television comedy show, one dressed as Osama bin Laden, drove through two security checkpoints yesterday before being stopped near ...
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New Bin Laden video heralded - Lyon,France
An Islamist website says it will broadcast a new video from Osama Bin Laden to co-incide with the sixth anniversary of the September 11th attacks. ...
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Report: Islamic website to issue Bin Laden's new video
Xinhua - China
6 (Xinhua) -- An Islamic web site will issue a new video message of al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden to mark the sixth anniversary of Sept. ...
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Group: Bin Laden Plans New Video On 9/11
Guardian Unlimited - UK
From AP CAIRO, Egypt (AP) - Terror mastermind Osama bin Laden plans a new video addressing the American people regarding the anniversary of the Sept. ...
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Promised bin Laden video...Glitch affects terror watch lists...Hsu ...
AP WHITE HOUSE (AP) The White House says any new Osama bin Laden video would serve to highlight threats against the US and other countries. ...
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Bin Laden's Return Is A Chilling Reminder To NYC
(CBS) NEW YORK He was the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks and on Thursday night one group said Osama bin Laden will mark the anniversary by releasing his ...
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Bin Laden prank raises questions about APEC security
TV3 News - Auckland,New Zealand
Comedians from Australia's ABC television organised a mock motorcade carrying a fake Osama Bin Laden that came within metres of President George Bush's ...
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A chronology of Bin Laden tapes
Turkish Press - Plymouth,MI,USA
WASHINGTON - The leader of the Al-Qaeda terror network, Osama bin Laden, who had apparantly made a new recording to mark the anniversary of the September 11 ...
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New bin Laden video expected...Iraq security report...Religious ...
Reiten Television KXMB Bismarck - Bismarck,ND,USA
CAIRO, Egypt (AP) Al-Qaida's media arm says Osama bin Laden plans a new video addressing the American people regarding the anniversary of the September 11th ...
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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

100 HOT image links on Blog Plus Ultra

Below are the top 100 Hot searches today from Google Lab's Hottrends site. I thought it would be an interesting experiment to see what image each of the terms would turn up first on the Google image search engine. Some of them are what you would expect but others are pretty strange. Click a search term below to see the image. Have fun.

1. josh blue
2. jankovic
3. allison jaskowiak
4. fred thompson
5. republican debate
6. jankovic tennis
7. mr hollands opus
8. here on earth
9. ipod touch
10. jelena jankovic
11. fox news debate
12. venus williams
13. mia henderson
14. moonlight fire
15. cheetah gym
16. sacral agenesis
17. cricket highlights
18. sean gunn
19. esteban cortazar
20. andy roddick
21. paul gillmor
22. bleach episode 139
23. shaq divorce
24. india vs england 6th odi highlights
25. gop debate
26. lick fire
27. fastest tennis serve
28. iphone price drop
29. nfl picks
30. charles manson
31. hp blackbird
32. complementarity
33. presidential debate
34. roddick federer
35. popcorn lung
36. charo
37. plumas county fire
38. breitling emergency wristwatch
39. minge
40. d james kennedy
41. what the hell is going on lyrics
42. ipod touch release date
43. galareka harrison
44. melissa margera
45. new ipods
46. go airlines
47. roberto clemente
48. diacetyl
49. microwave popcorn
50. andre agassi
51. community action marin
52. nfl spreads
53. football picks
54. itunes 7.4
55. california fires
56. serena williams us open
57. earl campbell
60. jimmy connors
61. a million little pieces
62. plumas national forest
63. aloha airlines
64. molly culver
65. lauren jackson
66. megan dible
67. crop circles in the carpet
68. shaquille oneal
69. serena williams press conference
70. three kings
71. fred thompson for president
72. ipod classic
73. reef central
74. hotel liquidators
75. derrick ross
76. chicxulub crater
77. republican candidates
78. nfl lines
79. morgan hill fire
80. jennifer dunn
81. usa network
82. boston tea party
83. apple itouch
84. new iphone
85. luciano pavarotti
86. john mccain
87. mustang ranch
88. commack high school
89. cal fire
90. peggy lee
91. boomer grigsby
92. schoolnotes
93. bike path rapist
94. saw stop
96. bronchiolitis obliterans
97. phil spector
98. tim gunn
99. tucson news
100. dale earnhardt

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Recapitulation by Alex Cherry



Can you believe these awesome designs were made by a twenty year old! His name is Alex Cherry, he lives in H
ollywood California and you can see more of his work by clicking here.