Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Paris Bennett, Taylor Hicks, Elliot Yamin, Mandisa Hundley...

Tonite on American Idol I felt like, hey man I know those are not the 10 most talented singers America has to offer. The only 4 performers I enjoyed tonite are as usual, Paris Bennett, Taylor Hicks, Elliot Yamin, and Mandisa Hundley.(In that order)
I am glad Paris chose Beyonce tonite. I think she is a little young to try and be bootylicious sexy like her, but she showed us she can sing and dance, and at 17 years old, she can only get better.
I think I know what Taylor meant when he said he just wanted to sing a song tonite. It was not one that I ever heard before, but if Taylor made an album like that, I'd join the soul patrol and buy it right away. The Taylor Hicks style lately has me scared though...but I don't really care what he looks like. He has a great voice and feel.
Elliot has not sung one note off key yet. I think he was looking way more comfortable tonite. His dance moves showed us he has a sense of humor. I mean that in a good way and feel the fun he was having on stage translated well. Of all the contestants, I think Elliot could sing anything. I am just not sure yet what he is all about and hope he continues to show us more of himself before it's too late!(only 9 people left after tomorrow)
Mandisa is also very consistent, bringing her powerful vocals every time. She never hits a flat or a sharp note. Her performance tonite was the most exciting of the evening. She had me up out of my chair, dancing and feeling that momma love vibe. The modern Gospel thing looks good on you Mandisa.
Everybody is entitled to my opnion.
Bottom 3 after watching tonite's episode, Ace Young, Bucky Covington, and going home...Lisa Tucker.
Who do you think is leaving tomorrow?


Aaron said...

I mostly agree, although I think that Bucky was actually perfect for his genre last night. I was really sad that Chris was off his game last night. (Found you via BlogMad)

Thawtz said...

yeah, lisa's done. bucky and ace weren't that good. neither was kelly. the problem with those three is that the songs they chose, being they're specific genre (cause we know that's where they'd end up) sounded just ordinary. its something you'd expect them to sing. paris, elliot, taylor, chris and mandisa are the only ones i feel that'll be safe