Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Kellie Pickler goes out walking after midnight.

Kellie Pickler gave us the best of the night on American Idol with her version of the Patsy Cline Hit, Walkin' After Midnite. The little minx looked a little bit cross-eyed tonite, but that did not stop her from getting Simon's attention as she winked at him during her performance. This was the best I've seen her, and I must say I was impressed when she walked right up to the stage and sang for the three judges. She worked the whole crowd, used the entire stage, sang the country tune very well and gave it that Pickler sex appeal. She is charming.
Next best tonite... Mandisa opened the show with a very powerful performance that was both memorable and enjoyable. She really is a passionate and talented singer.

Little Paris Bennet gave me fever with her professional stage persona and remarkable voice tonite. She seems way beyond her years(that is not always a good thing). I wonder if Paris knows what it is like to be a kid? I love her voice, I still think she is the best, but sometimes she seems a little too rehearsed?
Elliot Yamin proved once again that he can sing the most difficult of tunes, despite almost being completely deaf in one ear. I also think he is looking better and more comfortable on stage. I can appreciate him honestly saying that he wasn't really a big fan of Barry Manilow, but after watching how well Barry did with all the American Idol Contestants tonite, I think Elliot and I are now both a couple of fanillows.
My man Taylor Hicks let me down a little tonite, but he was by far not the worst of the evening. Chris did his own thing with Johnny Cash,(Johnny is one of my all- time favorites, so I can't give more than a mediocre review for Chris. Sorry dude.)
Ace tried really hard this week and impressed me with his musical ideas. He wasn't perfect, but he did alright.
Kevin "Chicken Little" sang the ideal song for his type and I think he will still be around next week, although I am not a fan of his, I do like the little guy for his nerve and innocence.
All below par this week were Katharine Mcphee, Bucky, and I think Lisa is going home. Who do you think is going next?

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