Saturday, March 25, 2006

Emergency Meat

This is what I like to call your brain on drugs. It has nothing to do with eggs or saucepans. One derful day I myself took a drug. It was a smart little pill that made little green men appear in my bedroom. It was St.Patrick's day. Why should you care? It could happen to you. Are you interested in trying some awesome drugs that are so new, that are not illegal, because the authorities do not even know what they are yet. How would you like to be a guinea pig? I am looking for 72 volunteers to try the new High speed hallucinegenic, pain relieving, anti psychotic, anti inflammatory, opiate family narcotic drug that I have invented in the privacy of my own home. *Warning* side-effects may include, hairiness, baldness, depression, scurvey, blindness, madness, blogging, nonsense, diptheria and Lassa fever.


bozette said...

nice to see you back.

yash gupta said...

What is this about? I cant understand was it some kind of joke? is it supposed to be funny? sarcasm? huh?