Monday, March 20, 2006


I am starting my blog from scratch. Now that I know a little more about blogging I think I can do a much better job than the last time. I deleted all previous entries and hope to build a brand new blog that is fun and educational. Thanks for dropping by, and keep coming back to my blog.
Ever Higher Ever Farther Ever Better


Jimbo Big Toe said...

Good Luck, I should probably do the same.

Lyndon said...

Well I guess this gives everyone new to your blog(like me) a chance to see it grow and prosper.

Just don't alienate your core audience and change too much.

All the best in the future :-)

yash gupta said...

I Had bookmarked your article about blog etiquetts and was pretty disappointed to find out that you had deleted it. well anyways, I hope you`ll come up with similarly good articles in the future too.