Saturday, August 12, 2006

Blog Plus Ultra gets a facelift

The surgery was a disaster. I was doing a virus check on my computer and boom! I could smell electrical burning. I am not an expert, but I think this could be bad news. Was it all the gay porn I've been downloading I wondered? Than I remembered oh yeah I am straight and never downloaded any porn. I think it was the heat wave that seems to have hit everywhere this summer, including Winnipeg. Perhaps I have heat stroke, but I swear the voices in my head are telling me to punch my computer as hard as I can.

Seriously though,

My computer has been and will continue to be down for awhile. In the meantime I will not be posting too much. One thing I would like to say is
I love life. I love people. I hate war. I love peace. The message is clear. Everywhere you turn people are suffering needlessly as innocent victims of poverty, war, ignorance, slavery, ill health, etc.. WHY? I don't know. All I know is that the world appears to be in crisis. Money(Greed) and Religion(???) are the most obvious problems to me. If I could I would get rid of money and I would stop the world from making weapons. All religious faiths would be not only tolerated, but we could share and learn from the wisdom all faiths contain and stop killing our brothers and sisters. We should be helping each other. Please take the time to do a good deed today, Smile, Peace and love everybody,
P.S. That was a good smoke!


bozette said...

nice to see you back.

Lou Reed said...

You owe me royalties! You must me making a pretty penny off that Labia Reduction ad and I need the money!
P.S Great Story.