Sunday, August 13, 2006

Drunk Belly Dancing by Plusultra

Last night, after the gun fight(nobody was shot). Lexington 125 showed up at my garage with enough beer to keep the party going. Big Red was there also, with his large bag of grass. I rolled a 2 paper spliff and passed it around. Exotic Sounds of the Far East were coming in through the radio so I took my shirt off. I was dancing and dancing with my belly like a mystical Sufi and Shakira combined. The scene was rather comical,
Beer beer and more beer pass the joint and Friends, Romans, Countrymen, please lend me your cigarettes. The eccentric drunk is at it again. Who let him near the computer? Good Times? Good Night.


Anonymous said...

saw this and instantly thought of you. solomon you!

Anonymous said...

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