Friday, August 17, 2007

CRM lead management software by AIMpromote

What is crm software? The AIMpromote system is a very easy to use Customer relationship management (CRM) tool that also allows the account holder to sell leads before, after, or instead of making a sale themselves. They are the technology leaders in sales lead management. Making sales in today's competitive market requires that prospective clients be shown more attention than ever before. AIMpromote subscribers are able to send out several promotional pieces spread out over a pre-configured period of time to a specific subset of their leads. This kind of technology empowers companies in any industry to more effectively generate, delegate, and report on leads and the teams that manage them. CLOSE MORE SALES than ever before by signing up today for the 14-day free trial. The site offers many features that will help make your website more profitable. Get alerts and reminders about neglected leads, upcoming tasks, and overdue tasks. Another point worth mentioning is that is an on-demand software, sometimes referred to as software-as-a-service. This means that there is no software to download or install. Don't just listen to me, check out the site's testimonials from extremely satisfied customers like, "We have been extremely pleased with the support which AIMpromote has provided to us. Their support staff is very friendly, very professional and extremely knowledgeable about their product."

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