Sunday, July 29, 2007

False Media, We Don't Need It, Do We?

Here is an animated short that appeared on (GE / NBC owned) Saturday Night Live. The short was part of TV Funhouse a recurring skit on SNL featuring cartoons created by one of the shows longtime writers, Robert Smigel. I've read that they only played it ONE time, but now you can watch it again and again!

Eric Mink writes in his article 'SNL' Kills Cartoon Spoof for Reddit; "Alert viewers will notice something missing from this weekend's "Saturday Night Live," a repeat of a March broadcast hosted by actress Julianne Moore: the "TV Funhouse" animated segment that aired in the original show.The slyly lighthearted piece - titled "Conspiracy Theory Rock" and produced in the style of PBS' "Schoolhouse Rock" kids' show - actually was a sophisticated satire of the increasing concentration of media ownership in a small number of huge multi-national corporations. It included references to Disney/ABC, CBS and NBC and its parent company, General Electric. "SNL" executive producer Lorne Michaels said he decided to pull the segment because "I didn't think it worked comedically."

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