Monday, July 30, 2007

This blog post could fry an egg

I am hot. The sweat is dripping. My air conditioner is broke. I may be going mad. Is this heat stroke? I can't remember this kind of weather here in Winnipeg. It is 38 degrees or something like that. Jungle, tropical, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada? The globe it is a warming. The globe is getting hot. Read between the lines because the heat could happen to you too.

What time will it be when the shit hits the fan? Is it the Green house or the runaway green house effect that is making everything sticky? When is Bush going to blow up Iran. I hear he is now at the arming Saudi Arabia part of his plan. I love the way he walks. I love the way he talks. George you are a puppet of a man with a wooden nose that always grows and everybody knows which way the wind blows.

Where did all the dinosaurs go? About forty million years ago. Why are we burning their remains? Fossil fuels to fly our planes. Have a drink or three or seven, join N.A.S.A. and fly to heaven. What to do when the weather is on fire? Go insane and call Bush a liar. Rapidly reach a fever pitch, sit around just in my gitch and bitch about that annoying itch. Scratch the surface of paranoia, switch from meat to eating soya. Plant a tree of marijuana, watch it grow in this sauna, take a toke, make a joke, melt away, enjoy today, because it will be this hot again tomorrow.


Blog Contests said...

excellent post :)

skip sievert said...

Oh Jesus we are getting toasted, pretty soon it will be roasted, extra crispy by our tricky climate.

Space age couple why don`t you flex your magic muscle.

Blogger said...

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