Monday, July 2, 2007

Update on Kwik e Mart in Winnipeg

In My Last Post titled,
kwik e mart, 7 11, 7 Eleven,Quickie Mart,Simpson's 711
I did not know the Canadian location for the 7-11 converted into a "Simpson's style" Kwik E Mart . I have just found out it is in British Columbia. (Coquitlam location is at 1198 Landsdowne in Coquitlam, BC.)

This is an outrage!

Winnipeg, Manitoba should have a
Kwik E Mart.

Please read the previous article as to why we deserve a Kwik E Mart in Winnipeg more than anywhere else in the world.

or watch when Flanders and Homer came to Winnipeg

Email this post to other winnipeggers and hopefully we will generate a big enough buzz to get the attention of 7-11 to give us WHAT WE DESERVE,

A Squishie at winnipeg's kwik E Mart and a HOLIDAY in SPRINGFIELD!

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Jason said...

I for one 'em pissed right off if thats true that we will not see a Kwik-E-Mart in Winnipeg! WTF! This is an outrage. We all have to NOT go out and see this movie instead get someone to cam it and share it to all Winnipegers!