Sunday, July 15, 2007

Moore Flips on Blitz!

Michael Moore Rips Wolf Blitzer on CNN: "Why Don't You Tell the American People the Truth"

From AlterNet

I have always noticed that Michael Moore only receives one kind of coverage from the mainstream media: the bad kind. Every time one of his films comes out, from Bowling for Columbine, to Fahrenheit 9/11 and now Sicko, they have been on a quest to "debunk" them. Why?

Because one of the themes that has run consistently throughout Moore's films is a contempt for the mainstream media's laziness and complicit role they have many American atrocities and problems. He has, as he points out in this fantastic (and live) broadside delivered to the archetypal cable news tool, Wolf Blitzer, been ahead of the curve on Walter Reed, the War in Iraq, gun violence, and a host of other issues and all these networks and talking heads can do is try to pick apart his work to "expose" how he's somehow "fudged the facts", always ignoring how incredibly right he has been and continues to be about our American condition.

We all love to see Wolf Blitzer (who tirelessly defends CNN medical "expert" Sanjay Gupta) taken down a peg, but the video to your right is really about the whole mainstream media getting called out on their bullshit, which makes it so much more satisfying. Naturally smug bigots like Lou Dobbs act amused by what they consider Moore's "act". Little do they know, they're the ones making asses out of themselves day in and day out.

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