Tuesday, May 1, 2007

In love with you

Billie holiday and Bob Marley singing a duet?
No it is Erika Badu and Bob's son Stephen Marley.
Warning! This song is very reggae-mantic. I love it. I don't care what the people say I'm so in love with Erika Bee da du da dee da du.

Imagine if Stephen and Erika had children? It sounds like they love each other enough in this song. Their kids would be blessed with so much musical talent, it would be off the charts.
Bob Marley had 12 children, but Erika Badu was not one of them.

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Natty said...

Yeah its a good song...I wouldn't want them together thou...they may seem like the are a perfect pair , but but they are so not...besides isn't erika and common dating?

Anonymous said...

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Eddie said...

congratulations on your major award!
I hear you might be celebrating later and giving away free nuts.

juLai said...

Woww thanks for sharing this song.I only heard it for the first time in yoursite but I like it.I'm really a Bob Marley fanatic and now I have to make some research about his children,thanks for giving me the idea.

juLai said...

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