Friday, May 4, 2007

Welcome to my dreams

I have recently invented a dream catching machine. The technology is state of the art. I simply go to bed with a miniature camera implanted in my brain and connect myself to my computer's USB ports with a fire wire that comes out of my ear in the morning.

I usually don't remember my dreams that often, but now I can actually see the images that occured in my brain while I was in a deep slumber.

I was not surprised that I was dreaming about a beautiful woman and flowery fields. What a pleasant night's sleep I was having.

I think symbolism is key to understanding dreams, but I have no idea what the meaning of this fishy architecture could be.

One of my greatest dreams would be to stop war.

That would be the most peaceful dream of all time.

It must be almost time to wake up because I am really hungry for a nice breakfast

Oh no! it is raining and miserable out this morning, I think I will just grab a quick coffee and go back to bed for awhile.

Sweet dreams everybody, and may all your wishes come true.


Anonymous said...

i am totally digging your dreams (and jealous) except you can keep the stop sign and fish one--the spinny thing I'm not so sure about. Love the coffee and going back to bed dream

juLai said...

woww what a cool dream you have..hehheeh..nice pictures..