Tuesday, May 8, 2007

It is getting hot in here

Have you ever wished you lived somewhere nice and cold like say, Winnipeg Canada?

Well I do and judging by the sunburn on my neck it ain't so cold today. It is definitely a pleasure to chill on days like this(especially this early, May 8), but it does make you think doesn't it? Even somebody like me who doesn't like to think at all, never-mind about such sober topics as global warming.
It really is impossible not to mention the weather eventually in any conversation. It usually happens quickly.
Example: Hello, How are you? Nice weather we're having.
It seems like the new normal is to mention the current weather conditions and also make a joke or comment about global warming. It has certainly become a mainstream topic from idle chit chat, to television reports, on the internet and especially all over the political world.

Do you think if the leaders of the world spent as much time,energy and money on things such as preventing global warming as they do on Wars, and other such folly, all the world's man made problems would be easily solved? Probably. Unfortunately I do not think this will happen soon.

I apologize to my readers who like to visit this site for less serious topics, but today I felt like reminding you (and myself) that we are doomed.
Just kidding, but we can easily become doomed if we look around at all the needless and senseless acts of stupid human behavior out there.
even if the world's problems seem so huge and great at times, their is always an immovable spot inside each person that is beyond this world, at peace now and always.


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Natty said...

We all need to move to Winnipeg Canada dammit..