Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Ricky Williams Pot-head Dread = Shaved Head Yoga Master

I think Ricky Williams rocks. When I heard he was teaching Yoga? I admire him even more now. Ricky is a tremendous running back, who has been hassled by the N.F.L. and C.F.L. for smoking marijuana for a long time. What is the big deal? I think it is as ridiculous as saying if you eat vegetables you should not be allowed to play Football.

I can see where Ricky is coming from because I smoke the herb like Snoop Doggy dog and love to play footbal. I play the other football though,(soccer). About 5 nights a week at a local park with a group of very talented and skilled playas from all over the world. Many Africans, South Americans and Middle Eastern guys. I have been going there for over 10 years now as often as I can while the weather is warm. In the winter I play Indoors. I am a soccer fanatic and dope fiend and I am going to go do some yoga stretches, smoke a spliff and head for the game right now ...Ricky Style!



Brian in Mpls said...

I think it is ok in moderation in the off season but if you need a super high endurance athlete who is having his lung capacity reduced and it is affecting his performance he should be let arrested mind you...but as long as he is still able to preform he should be allowed to.

Bob Dylan said...

You gotta have regualr drug testing for people who are working jobs that require some brain usage. It aint the 70's any more.

Bob Dylan said...

Firefighters and cops go thru regular tests, so why shouldn't other workers and athletes? Fair Play.
Do you want your accountant getting really high before working on your taxes and stuff?

plusultra said...

I am surprised to hear Bob Dylan is worried about his accountant smoking weed. I would rather a stoned cop, firefighter or accountant helping me than a drunk one. Why not fire people who drink on the weekends? I don't think Ricky Williams smokes dope in the locker room right before a game or anything, but what he does in his free time (Smoking Pot) seems to me to have little affect on his playing ability. But that is just me.

Feral Cat Protection Agency said...

I think it goes without saying that nobody wants a drunk doing ANYTHING for them, a little dope is OK, but if it means so much to Ricky that he must make the choice-- the testing is something he must have been made aware of --aren't there ways to get around a drug test? It's not like the breathalizer tests that are up-to-the-minute.

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d. chedwick bryant said...

i'm tagging you tomorrow--I be lookin forward to that.