Friday, April 14, 2006

5 Funky Funk links

Plusultra Loves funk music. Have a good fried day all you hip little smokers and tokers. Do you got the funk? If you think you know a site funkier than any of these leave the url address in my comments. I will give whoever posts the funkiest site 100 Blogexplosion credits next friday.
George Clinton George Clinton's official website.

Atomic Dawg Cool page with ultra-reliable P-Funk news, and concert and candid photos Hosted by Gina Hall.

Bootsy Collins All the latest information regarding Bootsy, his music, upcoming albums and more.
Bernie Worrell The on-line home of the one and only Wizard of WOO, Mr. Bernie Worrell.
We Funk Records The current projects of Mike "Clip" Payne, The 420 Funk Mob and Drugs.


Ed Bacchus said...

Found you on BOTB. Love your blog and share a lot of your interests. I celebrate Funky Friday every week at my office and it drives my co-workers crazy hearing Parliament over and over again. Hit me back so I can bookmark your site.

Anonymous said...

I just bought some rare funk records myself. Glad to see someone besides me still likes the stuff.

Mikestar said...

Here's MC HAMMER'S official Blog Check it out, its totally funky!!

Anonymous said...

I know that blog, damn it!