Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Which Country is American Idol From?

Imagine the pomegranate. Picture the countless seeds that this wondrous fruit bares as a symbol for all the great country tunes in the American music archives. Why did the top 9 American Idols only scratch the surface of the country music genre tonight? Maybe because this week's guest was a real jack ass, Kenny Rogers.

Everybody is entitled to my opinion.
Usually I would have a picture of the American Idol Contestants here, but today I decided to show pictures of my favorite country music players instead. Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, and Willie Nelson.

Top performers on American Idol tonite according to PlusUltra:
1.Bucky Covington - I still could not understand a word he sang, but that's ah-ite, (I love Bob Dylan). Bucky wears a cow-boy hat even when it is not country theme night so it is not surprising he was best performer on this evening's episode.
2. Kelly Pickler - The other American Idol country singer did well tonight also, although I preferred her Patsy Cline cover of Walkin' after Midnight in a previous episode.
3. Paris Bennet - I don't think I want to see her as a country singer, but she never disappoints me with her voice.
5. Chris Daugherty showed us he can do something other than cheese-ball hard rock numbers
4. Elliot Yamin - Not bad
6. Taylor Hicks - Not good
7. Mandissa - Worse
8.Ace Young - Corny
9. Going Home - Katherine Mcphee
Who do you think is going home tomorrow?


yep, it's me.... said...

never have seen the show you refer to
but LOVE cash, hank and willie

dotbar said...

There's no doubt these guys all need work! Not a Johnny Cash in the bunch by a long shot! (Isn't "Hurt" his best!!) Can't say I think Katherine's going home though. Taylor bombed but still has lots of potential, I think. See ya, Ace. Go flash those peepers elsewhere....

yash gupta said...

Hey thanks a lot for linking to my blog.