Monday, April 24, 2006

Strange sceance with John Lennon and Jim Morrison

Last night a few friends and I got together to try and contact the ghost of John Lennon. Imagine the surprise we got when Jim Morrison arrived as well. We smoked some dope together and had a nice chat about lizards and Beatles, Yoko Ono, and doors. The whole event was rather strange, but both rock stars said they were really enjoying themselves in their new home.
Did you know that John was shot on the same day Jim was born?
First one to tell me the date in comments below wins 10 blogexplosion credits!


Jimbo Big Toe said...

Jim was born Dec. 8 1943 and John was shot Dec. 8 1980. So by my masterful powers of deduction I say the answer plus is (drumroll please)

Dec. 8

Jimbo Big Toe said...

P.S. You are getting disturbingly good at morphing together celebs and making hybrid babies/people. Keep up the good work. If you take requests I would like to see Oprah and Tommy Lee's offspring.

KizzyKim said...

I want to have a John seance now. I gotta show him the tattoo I got in his honor.

PS, I voted for you :)

~Babsbitchin~ said...

December 8th