Friday, April 14, 2006

Easter egg Hunt

Find this egg and win 10$ paypal gift from me, plusultra. Just one click away from somewhere on this page I took the image of this egg. The link may be hidden or obvious. Be the first to post the url where you saw it here to win a 10$ paypal gift from me.


Tricia said...

Posting the link where I saw the picture? Simple-
or even

Did I win? :)

Orikinla Osinachi. said...

Did I win?
Who knows?

Happy Easter and God bless.

Tricia said...

Honestly- I clicked every single link on your site- it's not on any of the pages- not your blogroll, none of the links in your posts, not even your adsense ads! My first answer has to be right.

Jimbo Big Toe said...

Ahh... the elusive alien egg. While holding the secrets of the universe on its beautifully colored shell tastes magnificent with ham and green peppers.

plusultra said...

tricia wins!