Thursday, April 20, 2006

Happy 420 all you crazy cats and groovy growers

Afghanistan Hash. It grows wild in the mountains and takes you ever higher ever farther ever better.

If you want to know why today(April 20th=4/20) is significant to marijuana users click here.

How do you celebrate this national Pot Smoker's day?


michele said...

Hi plus,didn't know there was a
national pot smoker's day.
There is only one way to celebrate
smoke the herb from morning till
bedtime....rah rah rah
Stop by for a visit.

Sniffer said...

This was the first Battle of the Blog Contest where I had a really hard time trying to decide who to vote for. Funny sites, I had to add to my blog peeps.

Peace, Sniffer

Shane said...

Yeah 420! Nice photo too.

Blogger said...

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