Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The D-Rangers Runaway on Plus Ultra

Have you ever wondered what Del Shannon's hit song "My Little Runaway" would sound like performed by a bunch O' hillbillies? Well, wait no longer because the original bluegrass madmen themselves, "The D-Rangers " have done just that. Featuring banjo, violin, mandolin, guitar, and even a muckbucket!

Artist Information

Tom Fodey - muck-bucket bass, vocals
Aaron Goss - mandolin, vocals
Jaxon Haldane - lead vocals, banjo
Chris Saywell - guitar
Don Zueff - fiddle, vocals
The D-Rangers are getting ever higher ever farther ever better. They are my favorite local band here in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and can often be seen playing live at the Times Change Cafe. If you would like to visit the official D-Rangers site click here or as eye high Lee recommend buy one of their C.D.s here.


Jimmy! said...

What the... are you sure? For some reason, I feel like I WANT to deliver it to him. I mean, not necessarily in a nice package with a card attached but like with a bulldozer over his face. However, you do make a good point and I did think about what you said. Let us consider his demeanor, his asshole demeanor, if I do not make his life worse off, somebody else will. Or on a grander scale, him being an asshole will hinder him from ever reaching an acme in his happiness - right? - because that negative asshole energy is gonna fuck him up at some point. Your words exactly? I know... I know (thanks for visiting).

d. chedwick bryant said...

I'm tired of being depressed. I'm going to throw a huge party at my blog tomorrow, free eats and booze--and I'm gonna hire a band and rent the dance pavilion. everyone is invited!