Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Dali Cannon visits the Mormons

Dali Cannon is a character, by all accounts a genius and not crazy. He has been 30 years old for the past 9 of them. Just like Bart Simpson he never seems to age. Off the grid, way out he lives a very unglamorous life walking sideways talking to strangers and genuinely realizes all men are created equal. This helps his self esteem as he mingles with politicians(he once sat in the Mayor's Chair drinking wine and kissing babies). It is by the same token that he remains humble among lower chakra people from the third world who have trouble pronouncing his name. He collects books and remembers Jupiter Jones and the three investigators he read at age 5 as well as the blog he read 5 minutes ago about a way to make money online dating Nigerian bankers and princes. But I digress, we are not concerned that at age 12 he did a book report on Antoine de Exupery's "Le petit Prince" and at age 27 he read it again in French after riding the funicular "la Ficelle" in Lyon France the home of Guignol and the author himself Antoine.
Now, that you are much more familiar with Dali Cannon, let me tell you where he was last month. Okotoks Alberta on an equestrian ranch hard at work 12 hours a day at $20 dollars an hour. The view was postcard picture perfect. The weather was a balmy +20 degrees, not too shabby for early February. In a T-shirt he was somnambulently building a fence after 36 Hours without sleep when he realized he needed freedom. "I am going to the bar", Dali spoke. He had no idea this were to be the best night he would have in his entire life...thank you come back tommorrow to read the rest, or check out more Dali Cannon stories here.

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