Sunday, March 25, 2007

Warning the following plusultra post is preposterous

Allan Thicke as pea-soup of the Daydream Believer and a Homecoming Queen of Diamonds are a girl's best friendly neighborhood Spider-mano-a-mano body knows the troubles I've seen Fire and I've seen Purple Rain.

After all the research I did for yesterday's post on mashups and my own special variety of A+D=D, I could not help but thinking and speaking in a manner very similar to the example above. Has everything already been written, said and done already? Are we at the point in history today in the year 2007 (the web 2.0 times) that anything that can be done said or thought of has already been done said and thought of. I personally do not believe we are at that stage quite yet, but I find the mash-up culture is a very interesting statement on our times. Recycling physical material has become very popular in recent years as the average person is becoming aware of the importance of lessening the impact we are having on the planet. The recycling, and restructuring of music and images and ideas is less practiced, but gaining momentum and may one day be widely used as a natural progression of our increasingly global consciousness.
-by David Levasseur

- Doctor Benway, from wrote the following article that made me wonder at what point in time will every image possible have been uploaded to the internet. "
"Mind-blowing example. A typical digitized picture on your computer
screen is 640 pixels long by 480 pixels wide, for a total of
307200 pixels. Using only 256 different colors, you can get decent
resolution. Now if you take 256^307200 (256 times itself 307200 times)
you get... well, a pretty big number, but a finite number nonetheless.
That's the number of different images you can have of that particular
size. Any picture you would scan into a computer at that size and
resolution will necessarily be one of those images. Therefore,
contained in those images are the images of the faces of every human
being who ever lived along with the images of the faces of every
person yet to be born.

Deep stuff, eh? I'll leave you with that thought."

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d. chedwick bryant said...

Hey PlusUltra, since you are the Ultra song man, how about helping us with our list of bad "story" songs?
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Man, I just read the lyrics to Patches by Dickie Lee and I almost misted up. that shit is sad!