Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Tonite's American Idol Review by plusultra

I don't know why but this season of American Idol has not impressed me as much as previous years. The talent is weak and forgettable. Of course I do have my favorites and Tonight it was obvious to the judges as well as me that the best was Melinda Doolittle. She did seem a bit strange describing her O.C.D. syndromes, but when she sang I'm a woman, she brought the proverbial "Yo Factor" as Randy Puts it and rocked the house down. Melinda has a Myspace page you can reach here or by clicking her image. Intersting to note the song I'm a woman was a big hit in the early seventies by Maria Muldaur, but the song was first sung by Peggy Lee. Now Melinda has brought it back! Thank you.
The other contestant whoI felt sang well tonight was Lakisha Jones. She has consistently brought the goods to the table at this singing competition. Never a note off key. It was especially touching to see the modest singer blush when Simon Cowell commented on how beautiful she looked in her black dress, She really did an amazing performance this evening singing a difficult Whitney Houston song "I have Nothing"and truly was beautiful to watch. .
The only other contestant of note is the notorious Antonella Barba. I must admit I enjoyd her singing better than her previous efforts and I think she is handling the negative press with dignity. She is very attractive but I would like to see her get a little credit for her voice(Just joking)

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Kari said...

I totally agree. AI is such a letdown this year. I mostly fast-forward through it.

I feel bad for Antonella too.

Love your blog!