Saturday, March 3, 2007

Plus Ultra is back

As my legions of fans are well aware(that includes both of them), I have not been posting very much in a long while. My writing style is deliberately fantastic with sarcastic undertones. Here as Plusultra, my motto is Ever Higher Ever Farther Ever Better.
Recently I posted Part 1 of a short story (but exceptionally long post) that I wrote a few years ago called "Ergot in the Rye". The title is obviously a bit of word-play on "Catcher in the Rye", by J.D. Salinger, but perhaps the fairly esoteric reference to L.S.D. will be thought of as clever and interesting enough for you to read it. My main Hero character (Dali Cannon), is not similar to Salinger's Holden Caulfield simply by accident. I invented Dali Cannon as a mixture between Holden and I borrowed from another of my personal favorite books, Albert Camus' "The Stranger" in creating a protagonist for my own existential novel full of avant-garde suspense and mystery, Pop Culture references and perhaps even some surreal images and videos to enjoy along the way....check it out here.
Nice to be back,
Thank You,
Plusultra(David Levasseur)


Critical Darling said...

I believe it's 'Caulfield'

plusultra said...

You are correctly critical, Thank you i will change that.

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