Wednesday, June 13, 2007

143 is a very romantic number?

According to Wikipedia, The number One hundred and forty three is Among other things, a common text message representing the words, "I Love You" (I = 1 Letter, Love = 4 Letters, You = 3 Letters).

Call me old fashioned, but does abbreviating the three most tender and personal words in the English language with a number not seem very non tender and impersonal. I think it is a telling comment on today's society if nothing else. It seems our feelings and emotions are becoming less human and more statistical, as if the young people of the world have lost the connection to their true and passionate hearts and replaced it with something as plain and ordinary as a number.

Maybe I am over thinking this too much, but can you imagine on your wedding anniversary telling your spouse over a romantic candlelit dinner, "143" . Or on Valentines day sending a bouquet of flowers with a note that reads, "143". Worst yet, imagine at the climax of making wonderful sensuous love with your partner screaming out "143, 143, Oh God 143". It just does not have the same effect does it?

To all of my readers out there, remember I, Plus Ultra love all of you and have a beautiful day.


asian gastonomist said...

lol... that reminds me of my ex.. he had IM at work and he would write 143 when he IM me.. At first I like like.. wtf? and he explained it was I love you. I kind of liked the code word.. and plus he was at work so I didn't think he wanted to be all sappy but I certainly wouldn't want anyone to say 143 if we were face to face.. lol.. good post

d. chedwick bryant said...