Sunday, June 10, 2007

Zeitgeist fun on Blog Plus Ultra

Zeitgeist is originally a German expression that means "the mind of the age", literally translated as "time (Zeit) mind (Geist)". It denotes the intellectual and cultural climate of an era. There has never before been such a tool like the google search engine to measure the pulse of popular culture in the collective consciousness.
On May 22, 2007, the original Google Zeitgeist for was replaced by Hot Trends, a dynamic feature in Google Trends. I Visited Hot Trends today for a glimpse into what people are searching for on Google. I have labelled some of the top 100 search queries and tagged them. Using all of these words in bold and some of my own I will try to write a zeitgeist story for you.

Immature poets imitate mature poets steal . I may not win a russian literary award nor a mystery award for this pinocchio whale of a tale. Some of my dyslexic readers may confuse it with spam level teerts but it is really street level maps. It know it sounds like I smoked too much pot au, but the truth is i missed the beef recall and may be suffering from a bucolic form of mad cow disease. The last thing I remember was celebrating with all of my friends from the bucolic community at a puerto rican day parade and waking up barenaked in america. The worst part is dirty found panty crickets on my balls the size of the largest bush in albania. It was bad enough to even make paul davis crazy. I realize this story is becoming curiouser and curiouser, but the risibility is no mistake. The words are flowing like the beautiful notes from the pianist rubinstein s piano. According to the esp test cards I bought from the father of henry ii, Fish Magic or more precisely fish magic twittering machine is going to replace the old mgm motto. The change will coincide with the release of the new John malkovich movie, "red white and boom". The film takes place in the capital of valais canton , but was shot entirely in delavan wisconsin . Loosely based on the prefontaine classic novel, " the mysterious island captain".
If you like these kind of stories check out the 1914 booth tarkington novel with mary shelley subtitle s called "come back little sheba".

other top queries today are

kgb predecessor salmagundi glimmerglass cote d or capital world s smallest island nation boito opera storting serigraph frogmore stew cresta run it takes a thief rapper chinese philosopher chuang the end of the affair harlequin s carnival painter delavan wi 2002 sony acquisition handel oratorio dudley do right s love scharnhorst admiral crookspeak marlene dietrich s last film bo diddley classic robert burns poem haight street fair outlaw kelly writer france peruvian puff pepper old spanish card game q player in die another day janis joplin song down ally of the cheyenne under the pink singer tori glimmerglass lake branch of islam swiss resort cresta run cat scan units pocono boat genie beer 1839 slave mutiny ship arctic blast where huxley taught orwell hearth goddess admiral who went down with the scharnhorst gustavo kuerten

k.g.b. predecessor norway evergreen bauhaus school 1984 olympic slalom champion world s biggest city built on continuous permafrost zantrex 3 ben hogan last stuart monarch potter josiah
st. james palace


Anonymous said...

how hilarious is it that almost all of the recent queries on "Hot Trends" are in fact clues to the New York Times Sunday crossword? i had no idea that so many other people turned to google to help them out in a bind. this doesn't count as cheating, right? and what does that say about the minds of our Times?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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