Thursday, June 21, 2007

Who is Gia Allemand?

This is Gia Allemand!

Why Is she so popular right now?

Because Gia is featured in the latest Maxim Magazine.

Gia Allemand Started out as a ballet Dancer and beauty pageant contestant(often the winner). One Day somebody asked the young hottie to pose in a swimsuit calendar and her modelling career exploded . I think I can see why.
But What I don't understand is why her ex,(Baseball Player Carl Pavano) would cheat on her. He is one dumb Yankee pitcher.


asian gastonomist said...

She's HOT!!!! very beautiful. I love beautiful women. Who knows why people cheat? Sex can be beautiful but cruel, perverse, or moving.. it has so many different meaning for so many different people

Brian in Mpls said...

It has nothing to do with how beautiful a woman is all about the strange

d. chedwick bryant said...

she's very pretty.

Anonymous said...

you guys are crazy she looks like a man i will never fuck her!