Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Boogie chillum

I met the man. He wore a turban and drove a limousine. I was smoking weed on a mushroom shaped bench in summer at the park. The park is where I have been playing soccer for 9 years, most evenings in a pickup game.
He had bare feet drove a limo and was wearing emerald green silk pants, a sash and red shirt. I knew he was here for the same reason as me. To play soccer. We were the only two people in the park and I was still smoking a big fat joint spliff. I was wearing a T-shirt that had a picture of this guy who looked just like the sikh man in front of me. On the shirt however, the man wore pointed shoes and was smoking hash in a pipe. The real sikh obviously noticed this fact and appeared angered by the image as well as my apparent obliviousness to smoking pot in such a public place. In his eyes I knew I was low class. Low- class, but intersting, I mean it must have struck him as odd that the man on my shirt literally appeared to be himself. Anyway, I said " are you here to play soccer?" he said
"Yes, where is everybody?"
I said, "I know where they are(I knew that everybody who normally played here were at another park across town tonite) Do you want to go?"
he said "Yes, I will drive you if you show me" I finished a final nice draw on my outrageously large joint,put it out and we got in his limo. I was well stoned(I rolled the joint earlier expecting at least 4 or 5 other of the soccer players to join in. I forgot tonite everybody was trying out for a team and there was a scrimmage game going on at the other field.)
The limo driver told me many reasons why I should not smoke marijuana as I spent the 15 minute ride quietly enjoying the excitement as I rode in a beautiful long white Limousine through the streets of Winnipeg.
ARRIVIN', and STYLIN' I yelled as i Got out of the luxury vehicul, pumping my arms in the air, running on the field all eyes were on me. Who is this guy? and what is Dave doing in a limo? was the astonished look on the crowds eyes. Many of the players were poor refugees from worn torn parts of the world such as Sudan, Sierra Leone, Iraq, others were from Chile, Peru, Honduras and Mexico. So, the site of this cocky white boy appearing in such fine style definitely got me noticed, and I was immediately picked to play on Team B. Team A played together often and were a legitimate team in a 1st division league. Team B was comprised of a bunch of us from the park who played together for fun, we were not organized, but are talent was pretty good. We were still the underdogs for this match up by far and quickly gave up a goal. I was no longer feeling so cocky when we were down 2-0 at the half. Our team talked strategy for the second half and I had another quick joint. We managed to tie the score up with 2 beatiful goals from our best player. He was tall for a soccer player 6 foot 10 from Sudan, But he had great speed and ball control, what a gifted athlete. anyway the momentum had swung to our side as the legitimate team was yelling at each other and in disbelief that they could be losing to a bunch of unorganised soccer players from the park. That is when it happened. We got a corner kick, and I stayed well back from all the action in front of the net. My teamate spotted me right away and gave me the perfect pass. I saw it coming and kicked that ball so hard, BOOM it flew through the air almost as in slow motion GOOOOOOAAAAALLLLL! I scored! the winning goal yet. I could not believe it as our team all jumped on me at midfield. I was screaming "Thats what im talkin about! oh yeah That's what I'm talkin about", and that is what I am talking about. A great Day, great limo ride and great goal. Good times for plusultra
ever higher ever farther ever better

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