Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Plusultra gallery of the surreal part 5 (Jeffrey Micheal Harp)

The Optical Delusion Known as Deacon Trafford

Jeffrey Micheal Harp at hippopotamouse.com
creates what he calls Authentic works of Victorian surrealism.
He was born in Texas in 1973 and grew up surrounded by art. The surreal art of Rene Magritte was an especially big influence on Mr. Harp's creative visions. He has come to develop a puzzling and dream like style with digital imagery that appears both antique and avant-garde yet has qualities that are quite modern and of the now.

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Lord of illusions



Did you notice the title ST. IRHC is wordplay on the word christ?

If you like this art and wish to see more of it, please visit Jeffrey Micheal Harp's website by clicking here.

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