Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Plus Ultra gallery of the surreal part 4

Nikas Safronov
Was born:
In April, 8th, 1956 in a Ulyanovsk (Russia). At present lives in Moscow.

As a young painter, Safronov moved to Italy and was inspired by the Surrealist magic of Salvador Dali.

He has painted leaders from Brazil to Azerbaijan.

"I'd do Osama bin Laden if he paid," Safronov said. "In that, you'd really have to capture his eyes."

The great achievement of this famous Russian painter is to mix the sacred with the profane, remaining of the edge of a sacrilege, to ally the ancient images of the past with the vivid ones of the present and, in its course of events, the life of its personalities and their often tragic fate.

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Eddie said...

love thisstuff.

Nan said...

Wow! I got all dizzy from looking at the four eyed woman.