Friday, April 6, 2007

Is Blog Plus Ultra making millions exploiting the black man?

Of course! What a wonderful time we are living in today. I call it the Blog Plus Ultra 2.0 Times, but you may know it better as youtube or web 2.0. Whatever time it is, All of us human beings have a pre-programmed need to entertain ourselves. It is what separates us from the animal world. In the earliest of years our ancestors would beat with sticks on trees and gourds in Africa(Mother Land) too stay entertained with music. Thousands of years later my European ancestors moved to a new world called America, quickly and efficiently claiming, killing for and stealing the land from the Original Native or Indigenous peoples. Along with them they also brought many human beings from Africa known as slaves. These brown skinned people were used to grow cotton, feed and cloth children, and would do anything you told them to and best of all, worked for free. The work they did made the white people they worked for rich, so they could afford to buy more slaves. And from this new world came a new music known as the blues. It was a new kind of music being created that included some of my European ancestors stringed instruments and the African's primordial rhythm's. Today I would like to speak more specifically about the Mississippi Delta Blues. At around the same time gasoline was selling for exactly 26 cents a quart, a man named Fred Mcdowell was goin' down to the Mississippi River.

Today in the year 2007 or as I mentioned earlier, the Blog Plus Ultra 2.0 Times, I am able to go back in time and find some of the best entertainment ever produced and post it here for you and everybody to enjoy. Imagine what Mississippi Fred would think of modern technology. Do you think one day we will be able to go back in time and jam with our caveman ancestors with sticks and bones? For the moment, being able to watch rare old Mississippi Delta blues video clips on your home computer is pretty entertaining to me. Check out the incredible Rhythms of Booker "Bukka" White playing Aberdeen Mississippi Blues on his slide accoustic guitar!

Ever Higher Ever Farther Ever Better,

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skip sievert said...

Super cool. I love the blues so much. Talk about a creative reponse.
American music is a vast treasure.

Evil Dildo said...

There is no going back! YouTube and its counterparts are here to stay.

Imagine my surprise when I found obscure rock videos which MTV never plays. Ah, the good things in life.