Wednesday, April 11, 2007

What is the best image on the internet?

I recently posed this question on a site called Grupthink.
Here are some of the answers I have received so far.

There seems to be a theme developing with trick angled body parts undoctored by Photoshop. Any image is welcome, as long as you think it is one of the best.

To vote and see more of the best images on the net or add your own click here.


skip sievert said...

Your Plusultra image is as cool as anything out there.
The 3d psyca one is nice though.
Congrats on the consistent interesting stuff here.
This is a real pop culture blog if there ever was one. Thinking persons, that is. Tough to find in the United States of Amnesia. Salute.~!~

Anonymous said...

what is the deal with the (olympic??) photo of the headless person? How can I view other shots taken?