Sunday, April 8, 2007

Al Pacino as Salvador Dali in "Dali and I The surreal story"

Salvadali Pacino will play artist
Salvador Dali in "Dali & I: The Surreal Story," with Andrew Niccol directing.

Room 9 Entertainment has set a June start date in New York and Spain.

The film covers the latter days of Dali. Niccol felt that Pacino understood the subject. Plusultra does not think that Mr. Pacino is well cast as the eccentric catalonian artist. Dali spoke Spanish, French and English, but a very peculiar style of each. He pronounced each syllable in his unique Dalinian way that was very hard, stressed and difficult to listen to never mind speak. Dali was a genius. I do not think Al Pacino is intelligent enough for the role nor accent, despite being an extraordinary actor. Same thing goes for Robert De Niro .
Salvador Taxi

I think the best actor for the part is
Robert Dali Junior.

He did such a wonderful job in the role of another legend with a famous moustache. (Charlie Chaplin)

Another good option I think would be
Benicio Dali Toro

Maybe even....

Salvador Johnny

Salvador Dalian Rickman

Dali Hopper

Who do you think is the best actor to play the surreal Artist?

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Click here for More Dali (including a 1 hour documentary video)


Evil Dildo said...

Dali is a hero of mine. Wicked, wicked casting call.

Evil Dildo said...

More insane stuff! Money-making schemes abound in blogs nowadays. How dreary. Good to know there are exceptions.

Keep it rolling.

Webomatica said...

How about Robert Downey Junior? I think he has the buggy eyes and acting chops.

d. chedwick bryant said...

i will take the depp dali