Friday, April 6, 2007

Slip inside this blog as you pass by, It's Easter Everywhere!

Easter Everywhere (1967) is the second album from Roky Erickson's Texas psychedelic rock band 13th Floor Elevators. The album was originally released as an LP by International Artists. It was long a hard-to-find collectors' item, But Plusultra owned it. It was re-released as a CD from Collectables (sic) Records in 1993.

The album features the band's distinctive sound on songs ranging from their own psychedelic masterpiece "Slip Inside this House"
to a straightforward cover of Bob Dylan's "It's All Over Now, Baby Blue". "I've Got Levitation" ranks among the band's most iconic songs, with its Tommy Hall penned lyrics and its twisted blues sensibilities, while "Postures" displays a distinct Motown influence.

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d. chedwick bryant said...

are these the same 13th florr elevators who had a hit in the 6os?

Bob Dylan said...

Hello Plus,

Great blog... The 13th Floor Elevator's version of "It's All Over Now baby Blue" is my absolute favorite version of the song.