Sunday, April 15, 2007

Let us exchange links because It's Lazy Link Day

As many of you know plusultra is not only a genius, but the world's laziest man.
If you want to do like I did today and play a very meditative and relaxing game follow this link BOOMSHINE
But the real reason I am posting today is to put out a request for a reciprocal link exchange to my fellow bloggers. In an effort to increase my site traffic and yours also, please add Blog Plus Ultra with a link to to your site. After you have done that leave a message in the comments below where you added the link to my site. It should look like this Blog Plus Ultra
Don't forget to Leave the link address url you wish me to link to and the anchor text(Your blog or site name) that I will use. Within 24 hours I will have you added to My Wellest Coolest Blogs blogroll further down on this page. BTW I am currently ranked 3 by google page rank. I hope that this link exchange will help all who participate. Thank you,
David Levasseur,
Ever Higher Ever Farther Ever Better,


shaxx said...


I have added your link at

Natty said...

Heyy ..I added you .

my link:

My text: NattyNattz

Brian in Mpls said...

Hey great blog...

I added you at

Name: Brian in Mpls

Mitch Martin said...

I am always down for a little link exchange. I posted a link to Blog Plus Ultra at It is in the sidebar along the right about half way down.

If you would put up a link to with the anchor text "Tasty Booze" that would be great.