Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Help me!

I was cleaning behind the fridge today and look what I found! I was a bit afraid at first but after smoking a joint I feel better now.

Have you ever found anything strange when cleaning behind your fridge?


Brian in Mpls said...

I thought I found a rat once but it turned out it was a hot dog that had just been there for quite some time

d. chedwick bryant said...

just dust.

but once i was cleaning out a stove pipe from a wood burning stove at my grandmas house--( was wearing gloves and pulling out big sooty dust bunnies) suddenly I got a huge very solid dust bunny--I realized it was a big dead crow. So i was holding the crow (paralyzed) and I gasped and screamed... and two guys in the room looked over and started screaming too. I kid you not-- they scared me more and we were all screaming like complete idiots. Like in a movie... I came to my senses and just dropped the bird in the trash-- the thing was just big and very very unexpected!
We all took a break and went outdoors for a ciggie--we were all adrenalin- crazed.

cleaning can be so not worth it.

I like the hot dog rat better than the real dead bird tho.