Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Get Smorty

In an effort to help generate a little money for my blog, I have been researching a few get paid to blog sites. Smorty seems like a great site to get paid for blogging. Why not get paid for blogging and blog advertising? They are very quick to get you started. As a matter of fact I just signed up last night and they are already paying me to write this advertisement post you are reading right now. How easy is that. Plus I get to choose what I want to advertise on my blog for money and that money will be deposited into my paypal account within a week or so. If you are a blogger like me, you know how much time it takes to post fresh new content to your site everyday. It is also very time consuming and difficult to find advertisers on your own. That is why Smorty is so smarty, they find advertisers and bloggers looking to advertise and hook them up. Why not help the advertising community and help yourself? All you need is a blog and a paypal account and you could Get Smorty too!


FRIGGA said...

Why'd you link up on WW if you don't actually have one?

You think people will click over here and actually want to stay?

plusultra said...

Stay if you wish but I don't know what I am missing for WW. Let me know and I will try to get it for you.

FRIGGA said...

Hey, Wordless Wednesday is basically where you do a post that is just a picture, no words. However the rules are very loose, some people do funny cartoons, others do pictures they found on the internet. Sometimes there's a title, sometimes there's even an explanation making it not so wordless. Many will do pictures they've taken themselves. If you don't have any of your own pictures to post I would recomend Photo Bucket, or just doing a Google search for free picture sharing. It's nice if you allow visitors to leave a comment and let you know what they thought.
Even better is using Mr Linky or another form of Widget that will allow other WW participants leave there links.
I hope you find this information helpful. If you still have Q's come visit me again at Any Apples.

d. chedwick bryant said...

tomorrow is blogless blogday, so don't forget to delete your entire blog at midnight tonite and start a fresh bog on saturday. everyone is going to do it, so don;t forget!