Thursday, June 21, 2007

Every little once in awhile

We dance a day away
A life flashes passed,
a soldier is shot and a baby is born
It is a Thursday and a Wednesday
A funeral and a Wedding Day

She will never fall in love again
He has never known love before
It is, It is Simply Natural
Maybe God is blind,
But God is funny

Wake up in the morning
Laugh at the people
cry to yourself and the mess you're in
Sing a song and walk it off
It is not an alcohol hangover
It is Life

Life Beats you up one more time
Kicks you in the Nutz
Hurts you until you are numb and bored
and offers a prize,
Love in the afternoon
and every once in awhile,
Everything is Okay


asian gastonomist said...

I love it... great poetry there Mister. Keep up the awesome blog..

d. chedwick bryant said...

you not in no mess--

love your poetry