Monday, April 17, 2006

Burt Reynolds Vs. Loni Anderson in Battle of the plastic surgery stars

Burt Reynolds was a handsome lad in the early 1970's when he filmed Deliverance.

Loni Anderson was every man's fantasy blonde babe in the 1970's W.K.R.P. days.

We all know so much about these famous divorced celebrities on going battles in the tabloids, but forget all that sensational legal fodder and lawer trivia. What I want to know is who do you think has had the best plastic Surgery. Loni or Burt?


Thawtz said...


Loni looks like some shaved off half her jaw

Jimbo Big Toe said...

Great question, almost impossible to answer. Burt kind of looks like his face was shaved off and replaced with a plaster mold. Unfortunately for him the doctor left the window open and a few crows walked around on his face. Loni on the other hand looks as if her surgon didn't take into consideration the anorexia diet she subscribes to so she appears to have jowls. I guess I also have to say Burt's is better.

Lyndon said...

Burt, but not by much.

Strange thought, but if you change his moustache and dye his hair brown, wouldn't he look like a former German dictator?

Snookie said...

Oh wow! This is the first time I've seen Loni in forever. I thought Burt's plastic surgery was just horrible until now. Now thanks to Loni's surgeon there's a whole new standard for awful plastic surgery.